Version 1 Update

My first post-friendship jam update!  Mainly, this update adds in the missing backgrounds from the game jam version.

So what's the future for this game?  There's still things I'd like to add including music, sound,  and more scenes.   But I can only work on this when I have time!

If you want to see more magical girls, I'd love it if you could share the game!  If there's interest, it makes it easier for me to justify spending more time on this game.  I'm mostly a one person team after all.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this update!

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Sep 22, 2019 29 MB
Sep 22, 2019

Get as long as we're together: magical girls sweet & pure

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Very sweet game.  I love the art style!  If you happen to ever come back to it, I did encounter some odd loops, like I had to pick the gender 8 times in a row.