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In the not-so-distant future, humanity has been nearly destroyed by a strange disease that infects the hosts and causes them to become mindless, hungry shells.

Two girls join together on a journey to find a place to call home.

Full version of Behind the Moon, Beyond the Rain is now available!  Full version includes:

* A little over 25k words!  Depending on your reading speed, that works out to roughly two hours for a play through.

*  Three endings!  Two good endings and one bad ending

* A new character who only showed up very briefly in the demo

The demo of Behind the Moon, Beyond the Rain was originally created as a part of the Yuri Game Jam 2016. It's girl's love, zombies and a backpacking trip!

Story & Art by cloverfirefly

Update 8-07-2017  Full version of the game available for download!

Update 12-11-2016 Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to save the game

Thank you and please enjoy!


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Really great game, I loved it :)

I got the three endings and the sad one was really heartbreaking :/

That's some dedication to get all the endings including the bad one!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It's not bad. i've go 2nd ending.

Can you give me hint to get other one good?

Which good ending you get is determined  by **spoiler** whether or not you get the sword back **end spoiler**

I'd never find that myself. Thank you 

Really neat story and loveable characters! Can't wait to play the new game. ;)

Thanks, Emmy!  Glad you liked it.  I can tell you more about the new game at Double Jump ;)

Sweet, I look forward to hearing about updates! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ