Vampire Night Shift


Can you survive working the night shift?


Vampire Night Shift is a small adventure game about working the night shift at a convenience store.  Also, you are a vampire. 

Created for the horror summer slow jam hosted by Portland Indie Game Squad.  This game has a 10-15 minutes play time.

Play in browser or download the rom to play on any compatible gameboy emulator. Or use a flash cart and play in your gameboy!


-- rude customers
-- mopping
-- stocking shelve
-- strange noises?


content warning:
contains spiders, ghosts, two vampires and capitalism
also swears


move with arrows or wasd
z to interact
x to jump
enter for quest list


art/code/writing:  cloverfirefly
music: LydianChord
special thanks: npckc & amrynth
additional fonts: chevy rae
made with gb studio


Like the music?  Please consider supporting LydianChord on bandcamp!


to the spider who lives in my bathroom


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Development log


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So cute xD Especially the ending with the spiders. I think I ran into a glitch where the 'acquired a sandwich' dialog looped. Other than that, nice game and concept. :)

I love it! I do wish there were more levels/nights though


This was such a joy for my sleepy brain. I loved the main character's personality even if I could never figure out how to pronounce the name. :')

cute ! i would love to see a longer version of the game !

This was really fun to play. I ended up doing a little video of it~

very realistic spider ai

Nice game! I loved the aesthetics too!


Love love love the blend of vampires and mundane convenience store work!

Such a great world. And the humor is on point. 

very fun

Wow! Cute game :D

Absolutely adorable!

this game is actually adorable

Absolutely adorable game. Loved the Pokemon-esque graphics, and got a little bit of an Undertale vibe to it, too. The dialogue was hilarious, and I love seeing the characters brush off all the vampire stuff as if it's nothing. Looking forward to your future work!

This game is so cute!

Cool little game you made, really enjoyed it! 

I love it!

Really enjoyed this. Super music, clever dialogue, and nice sprites. GIMME THE JURASSIC PARK CHEX MIX!!!!


Awesome game! The music is really great :)


This is WAY too cute. The dialogue is a highlight for me, I also think the art is super cute and the music is catchy. Super nice work!