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I just finished it!

I thought the character art style was unique and charming and the stylized backgrounds are dreamy and lovely -- they look like a storybook.

The storyline was cute and did a nice job of establishing the characters' personalities in a short amount of time. I also liked the sort of bittersweet nostalgic life transition theme and thought this came across well. Hunting around the house was pretty fun, too, and was a good way to break up the linear flow.

This might have been omitted due to time limitations of a nanoreno project, but I think background music would enhance this a lot! There's a lot of really good royalty-free music on that can be used for free with credit to the composer. 

Hi! I wonder - how long is it to complete? :)

It's about 5,000 words long so I'd estimate half an hour to play through.

Awesome! I wonder - how to contact you by email about it?